Let's face it—no matter your age, you can still get nicks, cuts, bumps and razor burns from shaving. Why? Most men rush the shaving process and aren't using the proper skincare products.

Using TENZING's pure and natural products, we break down each step of this time-honored morning ritual so that you'll look and feel your best for the day ahead. 



Start by applying
2-3 pumps of the Pre-Shave Oil in the palm of your hand (or 4-5 if you have a thicker beard). Pre-Shave Oil is used to soften and condition your skin and facial hair so that the razor can easily cut through the hairs without pulling on your skin or causing irritation. It also gives your skin an added layer of protection prior to applying a shaving soap or cream lather. And most importantly: do not rinse the Pre-Shave Oil before lathering with our Premium Shave Cream!



Once your face is prepped with Pre-Shave Oil, spread a quarter-sized portion of Premium Shave Cream with your fingertips until your face is covered. In order to create a lather using your fingers, apply the shave cream in a circular motion. When applying by hand, lather as thoroughly as possible in order to lift facial hair and prevent irritation.

If using a shaving brush, be sure to first soak the brush in warm water and shake off any excess moisture. Squeeze a quarter-sized portion of shave cream into your shave bowl and agitate the cream with a shave brush. Apply the agitated cream to your face in a circular motion, as a warm rich lather softens your skin and facial hair for a smooth shave.


Choosing a razor with the proper comfort level is key, as the cushion between the face and the razor blade is important for a great shave. Keep applying lather as needed to maintain that cushion. Always shave with the grain of your hair first. Then, if needed, shave against the grain to remove any excess stubble. Don’t rush this process! Keep applying the lather as needed to maintain a perfect cushion of shave cream between your face and razor.


After you finish shaving, run your hands under cold running water and then gently pat your clean-shaven skin to close your pores. After drying your face, pat it dry with a clean towel. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of Face Moisturizer into your palm, rub your hands together and then apply to the just-shaven areas (including your neck) using upward, circular motions to help the product absorb. Get on your way to Start Your Day Great™!