Foolproof Tips for Men’s Hair Care



From the “man bun” and high-low fades to the classic comb over, guys now have about as many hairstyle options as women do.

We’re more into our mane than we used to be. Yet, many of us still don’t know the best way to maintain it or when to visit the barber (or admit it — the salon), to keep our hair from looking like it has a serious case of bedhead.

That windblown-too-busy-to-care look may work for J. Crew models, but for any guy who takes himself seriously, perfectly coiffed hair is a part of the entire package.

Instead of forcing your strands into submission, follow these simple tips to keep your hair in the best condition:

Time Your Haircuts

If you have a fade with a bit of hair left on the top to style, wait no more than 2-4 weeks between haircuts. You want to keep the sides nice and clean at all times. Shoulder length hair requires fewer visits to the salon or barber. Go in every 6-10 weeks to keep the ends clean and to take some weight out of your hair.

Scissor cut all over? 4-6 weeks in between cuts is standard. It’s just enough time for you to enjoy some growth, but not let it get too out of control.

Good Products = Good Hair

Your hair only is as good as the products in your bathroom cabinet. The hairstyle you choose to wear on any given day will determine the kinds of products you should use.

If you want a dry textured look, get a matte clay, which adds body and structure to your hair and soothes your scalp. Take a finger scoop and rub it in your hands first. Next, apply it all over your hair, then mold and fix until you have the desired look.

For a shiny look, use a liquid pomade after you towel dry your hair, then style it and let it air dry. This will give your hair shine and movement.

Don’t Even Think About Skipping Shampoo and Conditioner

Regardless of your hair length, always use shampoo and conditioner. If you wash your hair every day, one rinse and one condition is good enough. But if you go a few days in between for that textured, grunge look, you need to shampoo thoroughly two to three times to make sure the shampoo lathers and that you cleanse your scalp. Follow up with the conditioner and only condition one time.

And don’t forget to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. For thick hair, look for products with moisture since it’s often harder for thick or curly hair strands to hold onto hydration. For fine hair, look for products with a thickening agent so you can get volume and lift for your style.

You don’t need to become a product junkie and live in the barber’s chair to have enviable hair. Just take care of it — like you would anything else — and you’re all good.

Special thanks to Brandon Bergler at Salon Dulay in Windermere, FL for contributing to this blog post.