Men’s Hair Trends

Men are sporting two hair trends this fall: man buns and the disconnected comb over.

While the man bun looks like it takes all of two minutes to master, the disconnected comb over requires a level of skill and finesse that’s best left to a barber.

If you’re unsure of what products and type of hair bands to use to get the perfect look, here are some tips to help you rock your hairstyle with confidence.

The Man Bun

Hair bands are essential for a man bun, so be picky about the kind you use. Make sure the band doesn’t have a metal piece attached to it, because this will pull your hair out.

As for styling, run your fingers through your hair and pull it back to the crown of your head. Place the band in your hair and wrap it around once, then create the bun and continue to twist the band into your hair. The key with a man bun is to make it not look too clean, so lightly pull on your hair to loosen it and give it a messy textured style.

If you want to get really creative with this look, you can place one bun at the crown of your head and another at the the middle or back of your head. Or you can create the man braid for a cool party look. Just remember to keep it messy.

The man bun looks best with a few days of wear. If you want that messy grunge look, this is the best way to get it. But since you’ll go days without washing your hair, you’ll need to shampoo it two to three times to make sure you’ve truly cleansed your hair and scalp.

After washing your hair, work a styling cream or styling foam through your hair. This will give fullness to your next man bun, especially if you plan to blow dry your hair. You also can work a styling cream into your hair and leave it damp to let air dry — a technique that works best if you have thicker hair.

The Disconnected Comb Over

Disconnected comb overs have many different looks. You can make your comb over tight and clean for a more business-friendly look or keep the top longer for an edgier one.

To get this style, start with wet hair. Apply styling cream to add fullness if you have fine hair or a smoothing additive product for thick or curly hair. Blow dry your hair in the direction you want the style to lay. Once it’s dry, apply a clay for a dry look to help hold the hair in place. Next, apply hairspray to hold and finish the look. For a bolder look on the line part, have your stylist take edgers and create a more defined line. This will make your disconnect stand out even more.

One thing to keep in mind: a comb over requires maintenance. You’ll need to visit a stylist every two to five weeks to keep the sides on point.

Whether you’re rocking a disconnect or man bun, these foolproof tips will keep your hair salon-ready and inspire envy every time you step into a room.

Special thanks to Brandon Bergler at Salon Dulay in Windermere, FL for contributing to this blog post.

December 19, 2021 by The TENZING Team

See Why Kelly's Thoughts on Things Recommends TENZING

Photo Curtesy of Kelly's Thoughts on Things

There is an abundance of men's skincare products on the market that contain harsh ingredients and fragrances, and as a result many men abandon their skincare routine if their skin reacts badly to certain products. 

In fact, TENZING was created because of our shared passion to develop high-quality men's skincare products made with honest and natural ingredients.

We were so humbled when Wendy Pence from Kelly's Thoughts on Things wrote that her husband, who had been unable to use most skincare and fragrance products due to his sensitive skin, had such a wonderful experience using TENZING that she recommended our products as a great holiday gift for the man in your life.

You can ready Wendy's full review of our Adventure Pack, which includes a pre-shave oil, premium shave cream and face moisturizer, here. 

Great Gifts for the Well-Groomed Man in Your Life

Give the man in your life — or yourself — the priceless gift of looking great this holiday season. These items in our holiday gift guide will give the well-groomed man in your life everything he needs to maintain his perfectly put-together appearance.

TENZING Adventure Pack Sandalwood: This grooming kit comes with our pre-shave oil, premium shave cream and moisturizer made from all-natural ingredients. The products condition skin and stimulate skin repair, giving you a smooth jawline free of razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Happy Socks: Happy Socks, as the name suggests, will bring joy to your often tired and over-worked feet. The socks come in big dot, half stripe, stripe and stripe dot patterns. For $45, you can give the special guy — or girl — in your life a stripe unisex gift box.

John Varvatos Vintage Fragrance: Every well-groomed man should smell as good as he looks. This 4.2 ounce, $86 fragrance has an aromatic scent, with a touch of ruggedness.

Happy holidays!

Great Gifts for the Foodie Guy in Your Life

Do you or someone you know love to cook — or drink? Give the gourmand, foodie or aspiring chef in your life these great gifts for the holidays:

Kole: Whether you like whiskey or espresso, this handcrafted, wood flask with stainless steel accents ($95) is the perfect way to transport your favorite drink in style.

Corkcicle Chillsner: Who doesn’t love a cold beer? Insert the Corkcicle Chillsner into any standard-sized beer bottle and you’ll have a perfectly chilled beer whenever you want it.

Timana Huila Colombian: This South American coffee comes with a twist for brew lowers — the aroma of lemon zest and cocoa. It’s medium-bodied, sweet and acidic at the same time, making for the perfect cup.

Mantry: From Blue Apron to HelloFresh, meal delivery services are increasingly trendy. But Mantry is carving its own niche with meal delivery for men. Order a subscription and you’ll get six artisan food products in each delivery, along with product stories and recipes. Any man who loves to cook — or who is fine-tuning his culinary skills — will appreciate this gift.

Happy holidays!

Great Gifts for Guys Who Like to Travel

Still wondering what to get everyone this Christmas? If you or someone on your holiday list is an avid traveler, these gifts will make his travel experience even more memorable:

BookBook for MacBook: If you’re going to spend $1,500 on machinery, you might as well protect it. BookBook makes a genuine leather case that looks like something you’d find in your local library stacks. With a velvet interior, your MacBook will be protected inside and out.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit:  If the traveler in your life would rather make his own drink than sip an in-flight cocktail, this carry-on cocktail kit is perfect for him. With this kit, which contains ingredients to make two drinks, he can become his own onboard mixologist.

Below the Boat: If the traveler in your life loves anything nautical, these wood charts are the perfect gift. Below the Boat hand colors the oceans blue and laser cuts contours into sheets of plywood to create charts that are visually stunning. Its inventory includes everything from the San Juan Islands to the Boston Harbor and the Great Lakes, but the company also solicits requests for additional charts to add to its selection.

AeroPress Coffee Maker: A bitter cup of coffee can ruin anyone’s morning, but the AeroPress coffee maker ensures you have a good-tasting cup. It makes one to three cups per pressing in one minute, giving you full-flavored coffee without any grit.

December 11, 2021 by The TENZING Team

Great Gifts for the Outdoorsy Guy in Your Life


If your holiday shopping list still looks the same today as it did in early November, don’t panic. You still have time to get everyone — and yourself — a great gift. If you’re still scratching your head about what to get the outdoorsy guy in your life, our holiday gift guide is all you need:

Fitbit Flex: At $99.95, the Fitbit Flex is a good option if you’ve just jumped onto the wearable fitness bandwagon. The Flex tracks distance, calories, steps and even sleep. It’s a great gift for someone who values health and fitness — and anyone whose New Year’s resolution involves getting into great shape.

10-Year Hoodie: How often can you wear something for a decade and not have one tatter or tear in it? Flint & Tinder’s 10-year hoodie comes with a 10-year guarantee. If your hoodie starts to show some wear, the company will give it some TLC and repair any rips, tears or seam imperfections.

National Parks Coffee Table Book: If the outdoorsy guy in your life is more cerebral, gift him this 160-page, hardcover coffee table book. The book features historic photos, 12 oil paintings, a U.S. map, travel tips and 59 National Park posters.

TENZING Featured on Seattle's Q13 Fox News

On Friday, Dec. 4, 2015 TENZING was highlighted on Q13 Fox News Seattle "Men's Holiday Gift" segment. Style experts Darcy Camden and Tiffany Lowry discussed the importance of how we use aloe as the base our ingredients and how it soothes the skin and how much they like our tagline—"Start your Day Great"

Watch the entire segment below, and make sure to pick up TENZING for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season.  





December 08, 2021 by The TENZING Team
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Great Gifts for the Tech Man in Your Life

With Christmas only 22 days away, we know that there are guys on your holiday shopping list that you're still trying to find the perfect gift for. We've put together several gift guides to help take the guesswork out of the equation for you. This year, no matter his interest and hobbies, get him what he likes and will use. 

First up are some of our personal favorite tech products of 2015. These are the ultimate tech gifts to give him—and gift yourself—this holiday season.

      1. Aside from all the cool streaming capabilities, the 4th generation Apple TV includes new features such as Siri voice control, App store connection and gaming.
      2. As convenient as your smartphone is for taking pictures, the Polaroid Socialmatic Instant Digital Camera allows you to take awesome vintage-inspired pics. You can print them straight from the device or share via WiFi or Bluetooth.
      3. OK, so you can see that at TENZING we really like Apple products. The Apple Watch has so many functions and capabilities than simply telling time—you can take calls, send and receive text messages and use your apps. Plus, it just looks so cool and sleek.

Happy shopping, and remember to Start Your Day Great.

Foolproof Tips for Men’s Hair Care



From the “man bun” and high-low fades to the classic comb over, guys now have about as many hairstyle options as women do.

We’re more into our mane than we used to be. Yet, many of us still don’t know the best way to maintain it or when to visit the barber (or admit it — the salon), to keep our hair from looking like it has a serious case of bedhead.

That windblown-too-busy-to-care look may work for J. Crew models, but for any guy who takes himself seriously, perfectly coiffed hair is a part of the entire package.

Instead of forcing your strands into submission, follow these simple tips to keep your hair in the best condition:

Time Your Haircuts

If you have a fade with a bit of hair left on the top to style, wait no more than 2-4 weeks between haircuts. You want to keep the sides nice and clean at all times. Shoulder length hair requires fewer visits to the salon or barber. Go in every 6-10 weeks to keep the ends clean and to take some weight out of your hair.

Scissor cut all over? 4-6 weeks in between cuts is standard. It’s just enough time for you to enjoy some growth, but not let it get too out of control.

Good Products = Good Hair

Your hair only is as good as the products in your bathroom cabinet. The hairstyle you choose to wear on any given day will determine the kinds of products you should use.

If you want a dry textured look, get a matte clay, which adds body and structure to your hair and soothes your scalp. Take a finger scoop and rub it in your hands first. Next, apply it all over your hair, then mold and fix until you have the desired look.

For a shiny look, use a liquid pomade after you towel dry your hair, then style it and let it air dry. This will give your hair shine and movement.

Don’t Even Think About Skipping Shampoo and Conditioner

Regardless of your hair length, always use shampoo and conditioner. If you wash your hair every day, one rinse and one condition is good enough. But if you go a few days in between for that textured, grunge look, you need to shampoo thoroughly two to three times to make sure the shampoo lathers and that you cleanse your scalp. Follow up with the conditioner and only condition one time.

And don’t forget to use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. For thick hair, look for products with moisture since it’s often harder for thick or curly hair strands to hold onto hydration. For fine hair, look for products with a thickening agent so you can get volume and lift for your style.

You don’t need to become a product junkie and live in the barber’s chair to have enviable hair. Just take care of it — like you would anything else — and you’re all good.

Special thanks to Brandon Bergler at Salon Dulay in Windermere, FL for contributing to this blog post.

How to Prevent and Treat Post-Shave Irritation


Razor burn is the bane of any guy’s post-shave existence.

Redness, bumps, nicks and cuts can happen even when you think you’ve gotten a perfect shave, but the key to avoiding all this is to improve your shave regimen. That starts with using the right products — and taking steps to prevent those pesky razor bumps in the first place.

Dull Razors and Other Bad Habits

A dull razor and dry shaving are a recipe for razor bumps, redness and cuts. Not exfoliating before and after you shave also leads to bumpy skin. Exfoliating before you shave gets rid of dead skin cells and positions the hairs in the same direction, leading to a smoother shave. And forget about dry shaving — it’s no good. Your skin should be hydrated before you shave. Shave after you shower, wash your face with hot water or at least apply a warm towel for a few minutes to moisten and soften the hairs on your face first.

Step Up Your Shave Game

We get it. It’s so much easier to buy the stuff on sale or the brands that everyone sees in commercials. But too often these products aren’t the best thing for your face.

Most of them contain parabens, dyes and other unnatural ingredients that add to your post-shave grief. Every time you shave, you remove the protective barrier that guards your skin from irritation. Shaving also dehydrates the skin, which means you have to use the right products to restore moisture. A good product will contain aloe, which has antioxidants that increase blood circulation and help to soften and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling smoother and more refreshed.

A good pre-shave oil is essential. Look for one that contains all-natural ingredients like castor and grape seed oils, which stimulates skin repair. Razor bumps often pop up because your skin isn’t lubricated enough, so the first step to perfecting your shave regimen is to make sure your razor has glide. Apply pre-shave oil before your shaving cream and you’ll be on the road to a smoother shave.  

Don’t shave without a premium shave cream. It should strengthen and hydrate your skin and contain ingredients (like aloe and shea butter) that minimize ingrown hairs, which lead to razor bumps. Apply it evenly all over your face to get the good glide we mentioned before.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

In the battle against razor bumps, there are three things you need: oil, cream — and last but not least — moisturizer. Moisturizer tones and rejuvenates the skin, adding much-needed hydration after your skin has been stripped of moisture during the shaving process. If you do everything else right but skip this critical step, you can say goodbye to a smooth shave and hello to bumpy skin.

We all sometimes get lazy with our grooming, but the results always show up on our face. Every guy should put his best face forward every day, and you can’t do that with a jawline full of razor bumps. So if you’ve been slacking, it’s time to step up your shave game. A little bit of effort will help you avoid plenty of irritation.